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How to set timing

The Cell Realignment Machine is just a tool like acupuncture needles.  You still need to learn how to set the timing in order to cure the disease that you have.  This machine is not a magic box which could cure everything based on the default timing.   It still depends on your timing skill if you want to be a good doctor.   Remember, this machine is just a tool.  And you are the doctor.

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Do you know why Thomas Eddision's direct current did not beat Tesla's alternative current?  That's because direct current would overheat the wires.  Especially if the transformer or the capacitor is worn or old, they could crack.  And constant repair was expected.  So direct current never made it to the market.  What's so clever about the Tesla's alternatiing current is he believed that although the current leak timing is short, the current still leaked into the light bulb.  And since the leak is short, it does not overheat the wire.


The cell realignment machine is direct current.  It could overheat your flesh.   When you set the OFF timing to 5 minutes, you leak 5 minutes of electrons to your body.  But you risk overheating your flesh for 5 minutes.  If there is no injury, no problem.  But if there is injury, then the injury could be overheated and it would crack and enlarge the injury.

So if there is a dangerous injury, set the timing to On for 15 or 20 minutes and OFF for just 10 or 20 seconds.  Because when there is a serious injury, even 20 seconds of leaking time is dangerous. 

But the problem is if you set the ON time for 15 or 20 minutes, you wasted too much time.  Healing would be slow.  When the healing is slow, the sympton could outbreak again before you can successfully heal it from the root.

It really depends on what you are trying to heal.  What you need to avoid is healing and overheating your injury at the same time.  That's because you heal as much as you ruin your injury.  Then the next day you need to heal it again.   Your progress equals zero.  Although the next day you feel the healing again.   But are you sure you are not healing the injury you just caused yesterday?  So beware.

We Chinese have a saying.  "Too speedy and you ruin your work!"

Speed is good.  But if you are too anxious, you could ruin your effort.  So sometimes you just have to take it slow.  Never overheat the injury due to anxiety.   Just calm down.  When curing a massive injury, set the ON Time long like 20 minutes and OFF time short like few seconds.  Then when your injury improves, you can reset it to another mode.  If your injury outbreaks again, then you ruined all of your previous effort.  Remember you are trying to cure the root.  Each time the injury expands, you are back to square one.  So in order to cure the root, you need to take it slow at first.  Then speed up later.  If you don't speed up later, your injury could outbreak again for some stupid reason and you wasted your time.  So add speed as you progress.

Foods with high calorie will cause your injury to overheat and crack

Calorie itself means the energy that would produce heat.  The definition for calorie is:

For example, if you have asthma or multiple sclerosis, you need to control your calorie.  Too much calorie would cause the injury in your throat to crack because the heat produced by the excess calorie could overheat your injury causing it to crack.   When it cracks, inflammation in your airway begins.  Then you have an asthma attack.  High calorie foods also causes inflammation in your joints.  And we call that multiple sclerosis.  But without calorie, your body cannot produce enough energy to sustain itself. 

But in order to heal the injury, less calorie must be consumed.  Once the injury is healed by the cell realignment machine to a certain level, then you can consume more calorie.  If you are not careful, the injury would crack again.  And you must reheal the entire injury from square one.  So your objective is to watch what you eat.  Then heal the injury to a certain level that it may never crack again.