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How can your machine send remote control signals to the cells commanding them to 'shrink down' or 'realign cells'?

We live in a world of remote controls.  Everything from satellite to radio to a remote control toy car communicate through thin air.  As long as the frequency is correct, everything can be remotely controlled.

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As long as you use the correct gear, you can smoothly drive your car.  A parked car must be moved with the first gear.  If you try to move a parked car using the 3rd gear, the car will simply stall.  And the gear itself could be damaged. 

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Many universities around the world are doing studies about how a RC circuit (resistor and capacitor circuit) can assimulate the functions of a nerve cell.  They hope to one day replace a damaged nerve cell with a RC circuit that's implanted into the human body.  Some scholars are aiming to somehow send a remote control signal to nerve cells using an external electrical device.

I have beaten these people to it!  I discovered how to remote control the nerve cells!

My RC circuit is as follows:

wpe1.jpg (2792 bytes)

For some reason, the combination of the resistors aligned in exactly this manner will trigger a reaction in the human body.  The capacitor is to release electrons into the cells causing the cells to shrink or to realign. 

When the capacitor is in charging mode, the cells appear to shrink.  When the current is being cut off, the capacitor starts to leak electrons into the human body causing the cells to realign.

I kept my RC circuit design as simple as possible.  The reason is the human cells don't have brains.  They don't understand complicated signals.  So my RC circuit is just that simple.  Every cell in the human body will be able to receive commands from my RC circuit.  If you switch places of the first resistor with the 2nd resistor, the whole thing won't work anymore.  If you slightly change the pattern of the schematic, the whole thing might not function anymore.  This whole thing is that delicate and precise.  And I always use a 9 volt adaptor.

What does Alex Chiu's cell realignment machine do?

First of all, let me tell you how a person gets cancer, tumor, arthritis, and among all other diseases.

First, a small injury occured somewhere in your body. 

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Then, it will try to reheal itself.  After a few days of inflammation, a scar is formed at the injured area.  That's because the injury cannot reheal itself all the way back to the way how it once was.  This is the best it can do.

losewal2.jpg (9171 bytes)

Scars are not good for the body because it has too much resistance.  Scars are also bad for the blood circulation.  That's why once you damaged your spinal cord, you become paralyzed.

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Sometimes, the injury fails to reheal itself properly, and the scar could never successfully cover up the whole wound sufficiently.  Then inflammation never ends.   And as time goes by, the inflammation turns into cronic inflammation, which means it is swelling all of the time.

Then heat starts to build up at the area where cronic inflammation occurs.  The entire area overheats, and the surrounding cells are being cooked alive like a piece of steak on the grill.  The once smaller injury has just become a big injury.  The expansion of the cells also created stretch marks.  And those stretch marks are new injuries.

grilledfire.JPG (32630 bytes)

Then the half cooked cells become cancer cells or tumor cells.  The tumor cells are actually cells that are formed in order to help absorb the extra heat generated by the cronic inflammation.  But when the tumor grows too big, it could become deadly.

So the best thing to do is heal up the small injury before it turns into a cronic inflammation.  Asthma, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis are all cronic inflammations.  Something must be done to cover up the injury in order to make the inflammation disappear permanently.  Until now, nobody knew how to heal an injury that fails to properly heal itself.

And this is exactly what my machine can do:

My machine has 2 modes.  One mode is the shrink cell mode.  And the other mode is the cell realignment mode.

The first mode is a remote control which can tell your body to shrink and cool everything off.  Then the 2nd mode allows the machine to release tremendous amount of electrons to the injured area to realign the cells.

Before realignment

cellcom1.gif (1993 bytes)

After realignment (The reason why cells would realign when electric current is added is every cell is a magnet itself.  When electrons and magnetic flux increase, the cells would line up into a formation.)

cellcom2.gif (2288 bytes)

How come we need the 'shrink cell' mode?  Why not skip that step and just go ahead and realign the cells?

Answer:  That's because sometimes the injury has already progressed into a cronic inflammation.  And the cell realignment process will generate more heat and more inflammation.  So we have to shrink everything down first before the cell realignment therapy can begin. 

So I have set the machine to turn ON and turn OFF.  Turning ON gives the shrink cell mode.  And turning OFF gives the cell realignment mode.  When the machine turns itself ON and OFF it will not overheat the injury.

I personally don't really know how to cure cancer, AIDS, or herpes.  All I know is that my machine has the ability to shink cells and to release tremendous amount of electrons into the human body to realign cells without any radiation.  Its all up to the patients on how to utilize this machine in order to further benefit their existing treatments.


Electrons leaking from capacitor
coil.gif (2749 bytes)

Look at the animated picture.  The capacitor (top picture) releases electrons. And the electrons would travel into the human body causing the cells to realign themselves. The extra electrons will force the cells to form their original formation.

shake.gif (71425 bytes)


Electrons leaking from capacitor
coil.gif (2749 bytes)

This machine is designed to be used at night when you sleep!  That's because the cells can only realign themselves when your brain releases healing hormones during sleep.  You put this machine near your injury, and it does the cell realignment for you.

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100% radiation free.  No magnetic pulses which contain harmful microwave.   No high frequency nor ultra sound that could retardate or injure your chromosome. All electrons are being released by low voltage capacitors.  The machine only uses half watts of power.  Therefore it is extremely safe and energy efficient.

Simply place this machine on your bed.  The machine must be near where the injury or the damage is.  For example, you put the machine near your neck if you have asthma.  You put the machine near your knees if you have arthritis.   You put the machine near your stomach if you have problem with your stomach. straightsleep.jpg (10750 bytes)

This machine is a brand new invention.  Until now nobody ever used capacitors to release electrons into the human body.  Alex Chiu is the first and original inventor of the capacitor electron releasing technology.

You do have to wear the regular Immortality Rings during sleep if you want to use this machine.  You can feel a large amount of electric current circulating into your injuries.  And you can feel that your cells are being realigned at your injuries.   Guaranteed!