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How can ginseng help healing and electron therapy?

American ginseng makes the cells more conductive. 

So make sure to take some ginseng before you do the electron therapy.  Ginseng is especially helpful if you are dealing with inflammation.  That's because if you have serious inflammation, you cannot use the 'cell realighment' mode yet.  You need to use the 'shrink cell' mode.  And the shrink cell mode is not as powerful as the cell realignment mode. 

ginseng.jpg (8635 bytes)

But here is where American ginseng can help.  Let's say if you start the therapy without taking ginseng.  You switfch the machine to 'shrink cell' mode.  The cells might shrink down, and the injury might try to close its wound.  But the wound simply will not close because the cells are not conductive enough.  See picture below:

gap1.gif (27058 bytes)

But if you took some ginseng few hours before the electron therapy, the gap might actually close.  See picture below:

gapno2.gif (45731 bytes)

And a simple spinach and onion salad in the afternoon would boost your healing at night 10 fold.  Try it to believe it!

spinachonion.jpg (10591 bytes)

Western pasta is best for healing.  Its better than rice or white bread.   Its better than white Asian noodles.  Western pasta is made of refined wheat.   Its more nutritious.  Eat western pasta for lunch and for dinner.  Then you will feel a boost in healing with the machine.  And avoid eating rice.   Rice, honestly speaking, is junk food.  People who eat rice usually look very crappy.  Rice is very bad for inflammation.

pasta.jpg (11764 bytes)

Eat at least 1 potato a day.  For some reason without potato the machine won't heal the body correctly.

potato.jpg (5966 bytes)

If you have inflammation issue like asthma or multiple sclerosis, avoid eating tomatos, beef, cheese, tea, bacon, sausage, rice, potato chips, fried foods, any foods with nitrite added, corn, lemon or orange juice,