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The mad science behind my machine

teslacoil4.jpg (8608 bytes)

My Electron Therapy Machine is sort of like the Tesla coil.  It charges the human body up so that electrons can jump from healthy cells to other healthy cells without the interference of the non conductive and injured cells.  Each time the electrons make a jump, a Chi blockade has been opened.  Weak and non conductive cells have been squeezed out and have been replaced by healthy cells.  Suddenly the user felt a gush of Chi energy flowing through the injured area.  And in many cases, after just 5 minutes of usage the user can feel an electric jolt at the core of the injury when the electrons make a jump.  When the body is charged up with enough voltage, the electrons will bypass the weak and injured cells.  Electrical jolts occur between the healthy cells.  The bad and non conductive cells are therefore destroyed by the electrical jolt and are squeezed out allowing the healthy cells to realign themselves.   Nobody has ever achieved this before.  I am the only one who made it happen.

Everytime cells have been realigned, a small electric jolt occurs.  See picture below:

gapno2.gif (45731 bytes)

A famous self healing guru Dr. Hulda Clark said that healthy parts of the body are negatively charged.  And the weak and injured parts of the body are positively charged.   She is absolutely right. 

My machine is like a Tesla coil!  The machine itself is the primary coil.  And the human body is the secondary coil!

teslacoil2.gif (1175067 bytes) maddoll.gif (153146 bytes)

My machine is only using half watts of power.  The electrical jolts that the user feels in the core of his injury do not hurt at all.  But it might make the user twitch and jerk during sleep.  Each time the jolt occurs, the user might twitch a little.  The user knows that it comes from the core of the injury.  It is a small electricution.  But it does not hurt at all. 

What can this technology do for mankind?

Well, stem cell researchers claim that they can duplicate nerve cells for patients that have spinal cord injuries.  But it's the scar in the spinal cord that they hate.   The scar is blocking the transmission signals of the newly duplicated nerve cells rendering the stem cell technology useless.

Why not use a machine to get rid of that scar?  Squeeze that scar out!