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The history behind the 'cell realignment' therapy

In China, cell realignment therapy has been practiced for thousands of years.  If the injury refuses to reheal itself, no problem.  We will just insert a needle into the injured area to irritate the nerve endings causing the brain to release extra healing hormones to that area.  Few healing sessions later, the injury is healed, and problem solved.

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Acupuncture is not easy to perform.  One wrong insertion can paralyze the body or even cause death to the patient.  The needle must be inserted close to the nerve endings, but it must not cause harm to the organ nor to the nerve.

Lots of Western inventors try to replicate the healing effects of acupuncture using electrical equipments.  Some use shock therapy with straight forward electricution.   Some use electro-magnetic flux to stimulate the cells.  Some even apply ultra sound or high frequency to the human body.  Some inventions worked, but some don't work.  In fact, the ones that don't work actually caused more harm to the body instead of healing it.

My machine releases large amount of electrons into the body without any radiation, magnetic flux, nor microwave.  The electrons that's leaked out from the capacitors enter the human body, journey their way out of the maze of the body, and re-enter the capacitors. 

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The user of my machine can feel the cell realignment phenomena within 5 minutes of usage.  But the side effect is inflammation.  Cell realignment always come with inflammation. 

Inflammation is another threat that a patient must do battle with.  Cronic inflammation would only cause more damage to the existing injury.  In ancient days, people took herbs to combat inflammation.  Nowadays, people consume chemicals and steroids to fight and restrict their own immune system.  Basically, modern people use chemicals to make their own immune system less sensitive.  Although the inflammation is brought under control with steroids or chemicals, their bodies no longer heal properly.   So the injury behind the inflammation is left unhealed.  If the patient stops taking the chemical, inflammtion would come back.  If the patient uses the chemical, he will eventyually ruin his own health due to lack of healing.

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Wouldn't it be great if somebody can invent a machine that can shrink the cells and cool everything down without the use of chemicals?  If the cells can just shrink a little bit, the patient might feel good enough to abandon the usage of chemicals.   Without chemicals or with the reduced dosage of chemicals, the injury is given a chance to actually reheal itself.

Brief history of this cell realignment machine:

I started experimenting with a cell realignment machine ever since I was 19. At first I knew little about electronics. I started building electro-magnetic coils to generate high wattage and magnetic flux. The magnetic coil did more damage than good to my body. I started building magnetic flux pulsers. This is the type of machine that you press a button and it releases large amount of magnetic flux into your flesh in an instant. This is extremely radio active, and it did more damage to my body than good. Stay away from all magnetic pulsers. They don't work. They would only harm you.

I also put ionic iar purifier beside my body just to see what it does. One day, I decided to shut off the ionic air purifier and go back to sleep. When I shut off that machine, I actually felt more healing. I started to suspect that its the capacitors that are leaking electrons into my flesh to give me the healing effect once that machine was shut off.

One day my room caught fire because the magnetic pulser that I built blew up in my bed. The magnetic pulser was destroyed in the fire. After I have repainted my room and replaced the carpet, I started to do experiment solely with just capacitors. I did experiment with capacitors for almost 5 years, from 2012 to 2017. The capacitors that I am using were always in the charging mode, which I call it 'shrink cell' mode. But one day in Feb. of 2017, my house experienced an electric outage. The whole house ran out of electricity. The moment my house ran out of electricity, I felt a gush of healing power coming out of the machine. (I was sleeping with the machine when the electric outage happened.) That's when I discovered that a large amount of electrons leak out of the capacitors only when you shut off the power. Hence, that experience gave birth to this cell realignment healing machine you see today.

And here are some old web pages which I wrote many years ago concerning this study.