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What exactly can this machine cure or treat?

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Remember that the FDA big brother is watching me.  A person like me will never get an FDA approval because I don't have 40 million dollars to spend on an extensive medical trial that's required by the FDA for an approval.  The FDA extensive medical trial will also take like 10 years to accomplish.  I am not a very patient person.  I cannot afford to wait 10 years.  So I am patenting this technology now and sell it right now as my patent is still pending.  Since there is no FDA approval, I basically cannot say the words like 'treat' or 'cure' or 'improve your condition'.

But this is basically what I want to say:  Imagine if somebody can one day invent a machine that can slowly eliminate all scars and all injuries.  Doesn't matter if the scar is in your spinal cord or in your kidney.  As long as the patient uses a machine every night, the scar would slowly reduce in size.  And then it eventually disappears.  If there is no scar nor injury, then nobody would be blind or deaf or be paralyzed.

Imagine if somebody can one day invent a machine that can stop a person from drinking and smoking instantly just by sitting beside the machine.  Imagine if there is such a machine.  Whenever you feel like drinking or smoking.  You just grab that machine and put it beside you, and your urge for drinking or smoking is gone! 

Imagine in the future if there is a newly invented machine that can take away your pain and misery with a click of a button.  All you need to do is sit beside this machine.   You stop coughing.  Your pain in your knees disappears.  You feel better.   And therefore your body also heals faster.  Imagine if there is such a machine!

I really don't know how this machine can help a cancer patient or somebody who has HIV or herpes.  Its really up to those patients to determine the value of this machine.   This machine might help them.