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Why injuries and scars can easily be overheated by the electrons that were leaked out from the capacitor?

A scar or injury is like a bad resistor that is very low in tolerence.  A good, heavy duty resistor can tolerate many watts.  But a weak or defective resistor can crack when a small amount of electrons were sent through it.

This is a picture of a bad resistor burning.

badresistor.jpg (5897 bytes)

So you cannot use the cell realignment mode too much.  Because the injury that you are trying to heal is pretty weak and can easily crack under pressure.  But without the cell realignment mode, the injury will never realign itself.  That's why we need to heal it a little at a time.  Right now I set my machine to turn ON (shrink cell mode) for 10 minutes.  And then it shuts off (cell realignment mode) for just 1 minute.  This way the injury will not crack. 

Lets talk about asthma for example.  The cells in your throat (airway) are weak and defective.  So they are very sensitive to heat.  Even a build-up of one's own body heat can trigger an asthma attack.  So asthma patients are extremely vulnerable during the summer.  Even foods that speed up metabolizm could cause an asthma attack.

I believe that all cancers and tumors are also scar tissues.  I believe that a big tumor can be reduced in size with this technology.  The tumor cells should realign themselves.  And eventually they will reduce in size.  And cancer cells are just weak cells that are sensitive. 

The differences between my Cell Realignment Machine and other healing machines like Rife Machine, Lakhovsky Multi Wave Machine, and magnetic pulser

All the other machines are to be used during the day while my machine is to be used during sleep.  You have to wear my Immortality Rings during sleep if you are to use my machine.  The reason is your body heals itself during sleep.  I see no reason why a man must sit on a chair during a healing session.  The body should be lying donw and totally relaxed so healing can go on.  All the other machines are used when one is awake and is sitting upright.  

And most machines out there are too complicated and too diversed.  For example, the RIFE machines.  There are too many variations of the RIFE machines on the market, and most buyers are confused by this.  Actually none of these RIFE machines on the market is the original RIFE machine that was invented by Dr. Rife.  So you have no idea if they work or not.  And the Lakhovsky Multi Wave Machine is also lost in history.  Nobody knows how to build the original one.  And I do not recommend people to use the magnetic pulsers.  Electro-magnetic flux is radio active and is extremely harmful to your body.  Do not use a magnetic pulser. 

The reason why I build my machine with just a few parts is this; In the future, everybody will know how to build the Alex Chiu's cell realignment machine because its so simple to make.  Just buy a 9 volt adaptor, an off delay timer, a 270 ohm, a 470 ohm, a 22,000uF capacitor, and set the timer to turn on for 10 minutes and shut off for around 30 seconds to 1 minute.  That's it.  Every elementary school kid can build one.   There is no way that this technology could be lost. 

Maybe its because I speak Japanese.  And my Japanese personality affected my style of inventing.  I always simplify and generalize what I create.  I make sure that everybody knows how to use what I made.  For example, my immortality rings.   Just put on the rings with the plus sign on the right pinky and negative sign on the left pinky, and go to sleep.  take them off in the morning.  That's it.   Everybody knows how to use them.  And everybody can build them.  This is the Japanese way.  Everybody know what sushi is.  Everybody knows what a karate uniform looks like and understands what a black belt is.  Everybody knows what a samurai sword looks like.  Japanese always simplify and generalize their inventions so that everybody can use and make them.  Especially in this greedy world where lots of people are extremely close minded.  Doctors and drug companies try to suppress my technology, and most people think of me as a con artist.  My inventions need to be simple and right to the point.  I cannot afford to make anything that's too complicated.  Just like 2 samurais are fighting with their swords.  Life and death is decided in an instant.  The samurai sword fight usually lasts just a few seconds.  And my inventions are the same way.  They either work or don't work.   I don't bullshit around.  I make them as simple as possible so everybody knows how to use or make them.  I don't give people space to create their own variations of the 'Alex Chiu Rings' or 'Alex Chiu cell realignment machine'.  They either make them my way or don't make them at all.  My inventions either work or don't work at all.    I feel sorry for Royal Rife.  He spent his entire life creating his RIFE machines.  But at the end it became just a myth.  90 years have gone by, and nobody knows what his original machine looks like and if they really did work.  What a pity.  I feel sorry for George Lakhovsky too.  His technology is also lost.   I will not make that kind of mistake. 

My theory on how the capacitor leaks electrons

Now I am sure everyone can understand why I think this machine can remote control one's body.  That's because the resistors and the capacitors in my circuit created an assimulation to the frequency of the nerve cells in the human body.

But the main question is how can this machine tell the body to 'shrink cells' or 'realign cells'. 

There is a spiritual piston inside the capacitor!

OK.  In the 'shrink cells' mode, the current is turned on allowing the capacitors to be charged.  There is no osculation in the capacitor, meaning that electrons are not flowing in and out at all.  The spiritual piston inside the capacitor is not moving at all.  But it is still sending out frequency to the body.  It is sending out a dreadful, stalling frequency telling the body to assimulate the capacitor.   Basically the capacitor is telling the body to also stall like the capacitor.   It's telling the body to stop osculating.  And when that happens, the electric current of the body slows down allowing the cells to shrink.  The cells shrink because when the electric current slows down, the resistance drops.  When the resistance drops, the cells will also shrink in size.

Or, maybe because the capacitor is still osculating in a very low level when its fully charged.  And it sends out an alternating current of frequency to the human body.   Alternating current is not as solid and strong like the direct current.  It makes the cells realign without causing inflammation.

acudoll3.JPG (11755 bytes)

But when you switch the machine to 'cell realignment' mode, the current is shut off allowing the capacitor to discharge its energy.  So all the electrons are leaking out of the capacitor all at once.  Then the spiritual piston inside the capacitor starts to move.  When this happens, large amount of electrons are leaking into the human body forcing the cells to realign themselves. 

piston2.gif (109214 bytes)

During the cell realignment mode, the electric current in the human body speeds up.   This means inflammation can occur.  Just like how a wire can overheat and melt, the human flesh can also overheat when too much electrons pass through it. 

But patients with inflammation issues have a dilemma;  If the damaged cells that cause the inflammation is not being realigned, the inflammation will stay and will eventually become a cronic inflammation, which can lead to many other serious problems down the road.  So the only option is to realign the damaged cells with the realignment machine using the 'cell realignment' mode.  But the trouble is it could further overheat the inflammation area if the patient is not careful.  The other mode, the 'shrink cell' mode, can only realign the cells to a certain extent.  It is not even one tenth as powerful as the 'cell realignment' mode.  And some damages are so deep that only the 'cell realignment' mode can solve the issue.  What I did is I added a off delay timer to the capacitor which turns on and turns off the circuit repeatedly.  Right now my machine is adjusted to 5 minutes turn off and 10 minutes turn on.  Off is the cell realignment mode, and On is the shrink cell mode.   This way, the user can just sleep beside the machine the entire night.  It will not overheat the injury.

What is asthma and multiple sclerosis?

Basically, asthma is a acne scar that's in your throat.  That scar area is extremely sensitive to the air that you breath, and it could outbreak if you eat too much calorie or cholesterol.  And each time that acne outbreaks, it causes inflammation in your airway making it difficult for you to breath.  People who have chronic asthma, meaning they have difficulty breathing most of the time, have a very deep acne scar inside their throats.  And that acne scar keeps outbreaking constantly.  In order to get rid of that scar, you need to use the machine and set it to 20 minutes ON and 20 seconds OFF.  The asthma will eventually go away after a few days of treatment.   But the scar is still there.  So what you need to do after the asthma disappeared is watch what you eat.  Do not eat beef.  Do not eat snacks like cookies or potato chips because they contain perservatives like sulfite.  Do not eat deep fried foods.  Read the contents of the foods that you buy.  Do not eat tomatoes or foods that contain tomato, for example canned re-fried beans.  Stay away from bacon and ham since they contain nitrite.  Keep your environment clean.   Just do the best to keep your asthma in control.  Make sure it does not outbreak anymore.  Of course, use the machine every night.  Then in 1 or 2 years, the deep rooted acne scar could be healed up by the machine.  Then after the acne scar is healed up, you can start eating normally again like a normal person.   But each time you have an asthma attack, the scar would enlarge.  And you wasted your time.  You have to start from square one all over again.  But if you try your best, the scar would become smaller and smaller.  And eventually, it will disappear.  And your asthma is totally gone.  So if you had one or two outbreaks, don't give up.  Keep healing it.  Its getting better.

Multiple sclerosis is pretty much the same as asthma.

What is cancer and tumor?

Cancer cells and tumors are stressed and emaciated cells that are extremely worn out and deformed.  They are deformed to a level that they fail to defend themselves from foreign invading viruses.  Then viruses conquer them and turn them into a fort where viruses can live and prosper.  In order to get rid of the cancer or the tumor, use the machine and maybe set it to 20 minutes ON and 30 seconds OFF.  Eventually, the worn out cancer cells would be realigned and be renewed.  The virus would lose their castle and would be hunted down by your white blood cells and be killed.  If you decide to remove your tumor with a surgery, you risk spreading the virus into your entire body.  But with the cell realignment machine, the tumor would be realigned little by little.  And the viruses would lose their ground little by little.  So they cannot overwhelm your entire body all at once.  If you cut away your tumor, the viruses would leak into your body all at once, and you don't have enough white blood cells to catch all of them.  Thus they start to settle in orher parts of your body and create more tumors throughout your body.

What is HIV or herpes?

These are viruses that only attack certain parts of your body.  For example the HIV virus likes to attack your bone marrow.  And herpes usually are found on your skin.  The best way to combat them is to point to machine at where these viruses are hiding.    the electrons that leaked from the machine might wipe them out.   They might not be wiped out completely.  But the machine might keep you alive by killing the viruses on daily basis so that they won't cause a complete collaps of your body.

what is diabetes or high blood pressure?

basically your body's circulation is bad.  So everything in your body is starting to fail.  Control your diet.  Wear the Immortality Rings.  If you have a weak heart, heal your heart with the machine. 

I believe that everything can be cured by this machine in the future.   Surgery might be a thing of the past soon.

This machine can even cure ugliness.  Yes!  If your nose is too big or your eyes too small, the machine can adjust all that.  It can reshape your facial structure and realign your cheek bone.  It beautifies your entire face and make everything fair and symmetrical.  It can perform plastic surgery without a knife.   Its better than plastic surgery because its 100% natural. 

I believe in the future, most diseases can be cured by using the cell realignment machine.  Unless you broke your leg or fractured your skull, you don't need to see a doctor or perform a surgery.  99% of the diseases can be solved with this machine.   This is truly what I believe.